Commission Work

Individual quotes are based on material, style, medium and time.

Mural for the University of Guelph, 5 ft by 7ft. Acrylic on steel. 2018.
Close up of University of Guelph mural.
Surfboard design and paint. 2018.
Chalkboard done for Osprey Valley Golf Course and Restaurant. 2018.
Shirts and Logo designed for elementary school, Ecole Harris Mill. 2018.
Logo designed for University of Guelph’s horticulture club. 2020
Portrait of Gordon Downey from Tragically Hip for a bar. 2018.
Logo and brochure designed for City of Guelph project. 2020.
Inside of brochure.
Second Cup Mural, 2018.
Mural for Second Cup in Guelph, 5ft by 27ft. 2018.
Part 2.
Part 3.
Stationary design for Ecole harris Rockwood School. 2018
GRAETZ. Last name home decor. 2017.